Tornado Chronograph Watch

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Chronograph Watch

Tornado Chronograph Watch

Planning to Buy a Chronograph Watch that is stylish and long lasting? Well, then we have stunning ideas for you. Go through each of our suggestions and see which one actually meets your purchase choices. You can easily Buy Chronograph Watches from the best brands that guarantee you in terms of style, life, and materials. We have got 5 splendid reasons to support the beauty of buying and owning chronograph watches from the online mode of purchase. The experience is personalized and we have covered all the aspects for you.


A chronograph can essentially do everything you expect from a normal watch and more. It can measure the heartbeat, and average speed and some can even function as telemeters. Telemeters let you measure the distance up to which signals are audible from their source.

Despite all these complex functionalities, chronographs are excellent at telling time. This is possible due to the impeccable level of craftsmanship involved in making them. As a result, they cost much more than regular watches.

Two-in-One Watches

By buying a chronograph, you are actually getting two things-a watch and a stopwatch. This is the bare minimum. There are many chronographs available in the market which can also function as tachymeters, pulsometers, and as telemeters. If you are someone who does a job involving a lot of measurements like a laboratory assistant, scientist, etc then getting a chronograph is a no-brainer. Do not be discouraged by the price because the functionality and performance it offers definitely do justify the price tag.

The complete experience

Chronographs might not be fancy as some of the flashy smartwatches available on the market but they have a class that is unmatched. Being a mechanical watch, it feels better on the hand than some of the so-called digital watches. Buy Chronographic Watches online and enjoy by just listening to the rhythm of this timepiece by placing it close to the ear is an experience in itself. Rotating the knobs, tapping on the pushers, etc is something that is mildly thrilling in itself.

Additionally, it is an iconic design that has been in use as early as the 1960s. Iconic figures like Paul Newman and Jacques Cousteau have been known to use Chronograph watches. Some Chronograph watches even cost millions of dollars and yet there are people who are interested in the watch. If you are someone who is interested in luxury pieces, then a chronograph ought to be a must-have in your collection.


One thing which is not talked about enough about Chronographs is how elegant they are. Just looking at all the knobs and the different dials will make you appreciate the attention to detail given by the craftsmen. Moreover, the design of the chronograph is in such a way that it will not look out of place on women as well. For that matter, even teenagers would find the aesthetics of these watches quite appealing.

It gives a feeling of royalty as onlookers would know that only people in good financial conditions would be able to afford these in the first place. Also, chronographs have a good resale value which means that you can get back a lot of your initial investment quite easily.


Chronographs find applications in multiple fields. Check out a few of them that we have found for you.

  • Aviation - Pilots make use of chronographs to alert them of the timing of other flights to ensure a smooth landing and take-off. Moreover, it also helps them to deal with any malfunctions in the system or flight failure.
  • Naval Use and Diving - Chronographs can be used to calculate the speed or distance traveled during a period. For example, if a tornado is approaching, you can use the chronograph to determine the distance between the boat and the storm. Many divers have also used Chronographs to get information on the amount of time spent underwater and more. The Omega Seamaster Diver 300 is a model which is regarded as one of the best diving watches ever crafted.
  • In Racing - Chronographs are used by drivers to measure their performance and to determine their speeds. It can be used during different intervals of a journey to identify the speed and other important metrics.


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