Watch Size Guide: Which Size Watch is Best for You?

Watch Size Guide: Which Size Watch is Best for You?

Watch Size Guide: Which Size Watch is Best for You?

A watch is an ultimate necessary accessory, and choosing a watch needs to know the exact watch size that fits well on your wrist. No matter what beauty watch would bring to your style content, the important part is how it looks on your wrist and how it fits on your wrist. How would you find the right-sized watch?

Choosing the appropriate watch is not that easy and it contains a lot of confusion and indecision. Does the size of the watch really matter, yes, it does matter.

The natural balance we human beings are subjected to leans towards correct propositions and anything you wear or not your size would make you look ridiculous. So is the watch category. Buying a watch needs to be off your wrist otherwise it may give you a weird look like any other.

Have you ever thought about how to buy the right size watch for your wrist?

The common pitfall of the size to fit you exactly arises while shopping online for watches. Browsing online for watches, do accompany the key sizing and fit points to assess and compare with yours in order to grab the perfect fit for you. The watch size is highly dependent on your wrist size, that is, if your wrist is small, then opt for a smaller watch, if your wrist is larger, buy a larger one. Simple.

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We, through this watch size guide, help you know the essential elements to note to own a watch of the right watch size that perfectly suits your preferences and tastes. The general key elements to calculate your watch size are:

  • Case Diameter
  • Case Thickness
  • Watch Strap Width
  • Watch Strap Material
  • Watch Details and Components

Come, let's discuss what to keep in mind to find the right size watches and how to measure the size to make the right choice.

Case Diameter

The obvious case diameter ranges from 35 – 45 mm and some brands go unisex with the range of 35-41 mm. Diving in depth to these anything under 38mm diameter is for women categorised as jewellery/elegant category. Now, all other size diameters typically fall for men. Watch case diameter also has small to medium and large sizes. The watch case diameter of 38mm - 42mm is small/medium and the one between 44mm - 46mm is of large size, whereas everything above 46mm case diameter is oversized to go matching with “flashy and very bold” outfits.

Case Thickness

Betterment and refined complications are possible with a thin watch case and especially if the house movement does not take action with the additional space. The case thickness is also now a factor determining the taste and ever-growing case diameters increasing in popularity. The usual wardrobe collection you pair with the watch is the deciding factor for the case thickness you need to choose and is an incredible practical consideration when you are shopping for a new watch.

External Features

It is not only the watch case diameter and thickness that give your watch the huge look. There are several other exterior features that may add up. The thick border around the screen, the width of the strap and the larger buttons can also matter for the size and influence the way the watch looks on your wrist.

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Watch strap width

The well- proportioned watch with 41 mm in diameter has 20 mm in strap width, 37 and 39 mm has a strap that is 18 mm wide and 35 mm fits a 16 mm strap. It is crafted to value symmetry and balance, leaning towards this measurement as of half proportions.

Band Material

The band material also counts on the look the watches render us. The band material varieties include leather and metal. As the nature of metal, it will look heavier and larger going perfectly with the smaller wrists. On the hand, the leather band will give a slimmer look making it a primary choice for men with larger wrists.


Uncomfortable watch lugs mean your love for the watches is gone. They are the metal extensions that extend out to your wrists attaching the watch case to the bracelet or strap. These lugs are not factored into and it will slightly elongate the height of the watch. While you measure the wrist size and watch diameter, make sure you leave breathing room for the lugs too.

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