How To Take Care of Your Watch

How To Take Care of Your Watch

How To Take Care of Your Watch

Your watch is your mirror to keeping value for your time. It goes without saying that this prized possession has to be taken care of well. Learn How To Take Care of Your Watch as we outline the basics of watch keeping and maintenance. This will undoubtedly increase the shelf life of the watch and help you manage your day in total confidence. Try each of these watch care tips and see how your watch will look fabulous.

Service the watch occasionally

A mechanical watch requires service to work optimally. In a single day, mechanical watches will make a few hundred thousand beats. As a result, the components will wear gently but surely. Eventually, you will experience issues like the watch running slow or too quickly. In the worst-case scenario, the watch might stop working entirely.

A common question that most people have is “What should the time interval be between two visits to the serviceman? Well, it is best to service the watch when it shows such symptoms as being unable to wind the watch, improper time displayed despite winding, etc.

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Servicing your watch is not a very expensive process. In fact, in many cases only very minor corrections or adjustments need to be done. More often than not, the service will cost more for the company than the user. This is because they have to maintain a big inventory with different kinds of parts as well as disassemble and reassemble the watch.

Avoid using soap

Luxury Watches have to be cleaned periodically. Else, they will lose their elegance. An unclean watch won't look good no matter who wears it. Using a microfiber cloth is a good way to clean the watch. Adding a bit of water is not bad provided that you keep it out of the way of the leather strap. However, one thing that you should not do is use soap along with water. This is because the soap particles can get inside the watch and that is not at all ideal.

Change Straps only if necessary

Most people don't like scratches on the case of their watch and it is true for us as well. One easy and innocent way to develop scratches is when attempting to change a strap. In fact, even watchmaking experts struggle to change straps without them leaving small marks on the case.

It is best that something so intricate is learned in person from someone who is an expert in watchmaking. We would not recommend using online courses. Moreover, avoid using a knife and instead opt for a spring bar tool. Also, before changing the strap on your luxury watch, we would recommend first experimenting with a cheaper watch first. You can keep masking tape on the watch lugs to prevent the watch from slipping.

Wind your watch periodically

Lubricants today are quite durable but their effects will decrease over time. Winding is a good way to spread the lubricants and keep the watch in good condition. You don't need to keep winding the watches on a daily basis. Once a month is more than good enough for most watches. This is for the olden styled watches, and they have a realness that stands to make them look apart.

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Watches are adjusted at the full-wind condition and when the mainspring uncoils, there is the possibility for an Isochronism error. For the best accuracy, your watch should be wounded. It is also quite helpful to wind the watch at the same time each day, especially in the case of manual wind watches.

We also would like to stress the fact that you should not wind the watches when wearing them. It could bend them or even worse break them.

Keep your watch safe

When you think about How To Take Care of Your Watch, this sounds very plain and ambiguous but you should always be mindful of what you are doing while wearing a watch, especially a luxury watch. If you are playing sports, especially ones involving hand movement like cricket, golf, baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc, we would prefer that you keep your watch aside. Despite the fact that watches are incredibly tough, it is better that you avoid any sort of risk.

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